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I've had two lasers and I don't have any now. That was a decision based on outcomes. Lasers, microdermabrasion and chemical peels came on to the marketplace in recent years with a huge marketing push, aggressively launching them to their current popularity. After using them for a few years, I am convinced that there are better procedures with fewer side effects. Collagen induction therapy (Micro-needling) is what I'm doing right now, and I've been following that research for some time.

The problem with ablative lasers is they cause too much pigment change. The face at first turns very red and then it eventually turns a weird, pale white. I think it looks terrible. When you denature the collagen, the new collagen growth is white. The effect lasts indefinitely. Start looking around you can notice it, it's a strange looking thing. Even under makeup it's still noticeable. We can acheive better results with chemicals or other kinds of treatments.

I also stopped doing "Deep" chemical peels, because like lasers, there is too much pigment change. I do medium depth chemical peels. They give an effect that is significantly noticeable, without pigment change of the deeper treatments or laser resurfacing.

I even stopped doing microdermabrasion. I felt the results were marginal. You can get equal or better results with other treatments. Plus, I don't think the abrasion is particularly good for the skin. As we age the skin thins, so it doesn't make sense to keep making the skin thinner and thinner like microdermabrasion can. A treatment like this has to be carefully moderated, but it's being done quite frequently.

Even though it's not yet as popular, Collagen induction therapy trumps them all. Also called "Micro-Needling," collagen induction therapy was developed by a pioneering plastic surgeon in South Africa. The skin of the face is coated with liquid vitamins then we utilize a precision roller of ultra-fine micro-needles to pierce the skin into the collagen beneath. This stimulates a cascade of growth that is further invigorated by the vitamins penetrating deep into that layer. The rejuvinating effects are clearly noticeable, fairly long lasting, and free of the pigmentation problems or over-thinning of the skin. This is a technique I can endorse, a very elegant procedure with good science behind it.

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